Since the 19th century, with the increasing use of architectural structures, steel has become an important construction material after the expansion of its usage area.

In addition, the recycling feature has increased the use of steel in building materials.

Steel constructions are made by using galvanized steel.

One of the biggest reasons why steel construction is preferred is to ensure that the durability is at the highest level in places in the earthquake zone. A large residential area of our country is a region with a serious earthquake risk. For this reason, the ideal building material must be steel.

The use of steel construction workplaces, houses, factories, plants and various workshops has become widespread due to their practicality, speed and safety during installation.

Steel Construction, which is separated into heavy and light types, is preferred for long-term use in buildings, heavy and more convenient for temporary use and small construction is economical.

Steel constructions are a technique that requires high-level mathematical processing capability. Through mathematical operations calculated to the finest details to be made in computer environments during production and assembly, it is ensured that there will be no problems during mounting with load.

Steel Construction, which provides long years of usage with its durability period, is more lightweight than reinforced concrete structures.

Due to the many alternatives in steel constructions, the desired time change can be done.

Steel constructions have lower costs than the other constructions. At the same time, they are produced using steels with superior properties at the time, which will not be doubtful in terms of durability.

Even if the floor to be assembled has bad conditions, there is no problem in the construction of steel construction building.

The height of steel constructions can be adjusted according to desired dimensions. Due to the use of steel, there is no need to set any height limit.

Due to all the reasons above, Steel Construction constructions can be preferred with all kinds of building comfort.